THE BUYERS was established in 1973 with the sole purpose of providing quality, individualized service to the industry at a competitive price.

At The Buyers, we realize just how important our customers are. While many other facilities may treat you like just another number, we are just the opposite. We work by appointment only, giving you the individual attention you deserve.

One unique aspect of our company is the opportunity we give our customers to see us work. The total time it takes to process your order usually runs about 1hr. 30min., and you are invited to stay and watch the process from start to finish. Our facility is one of the best around, an amazingly clean shop with all the current permits and pollution control equipment.

Essentially, we are one-stop shopping. Our system allows you to have your material processed in a timely and professional manner - and of course, you always leave with your settlement in hand that same day.

We know you're looking for the best, and that's exactly what we provide.    

The Buyers was Established in 1973
(562) 945-7276
Our shop is completely transparent with a full viewing window to watch the entire process from beginning to end!
8444 Secura Way
Sante Fe Springs, Ca.

Tel. (562) 945-7276
Fax. (562) 945-7466

Our New Location Opened 2013